Motivation Skills

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Motivated people perform better, but motivating others to perform is a difficult task for some managers. Most managers appreciate that motivated people perform better because they are committed, enthusiastic and more productive when using their range of skills to their maximum potential. Motivated people also stay with organizations for longer, thus reducing staff turnover.

This training course will help managers to understand how they can motivate others to perform more effectively and how to best handle de-motivated individuals.



Understanding People

  • Why people work and what are their key motivators?
  • What are the motivating factors?
  • What employees want from their bosses and their jobs?
  • What are the causes of de-motivation?
  • Working with others to talk them out of de-motivation and into getting things off their chest
    Planning what to do next


Concepts and Theories of Motivation

  • Understanding the theories and putting them into practice


Leadership Styles to Maximize Motivation

  • Motivational leadership styles and their impact on your team
  • Identifying your preferred style
  • Recognizing the effect of your preferred style


Communication to Assist Motivation

  • Tools for effective communication
  • Delivering feedback
  • Communicating positive and constructive criticism
  • Explaining situations fully to increase motivation
  • Working with De-motivated Individuals
  • Providing support and recognition
  • Empathizing and understanding the issue
  • Involvement through empowerment
  • Providing a sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Coaching and development
  • Setting personal development goals
  • Setting SMART objectives

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