Supervisory skills

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Supervisors are an extremely important part of the management team since they are the management in closest contact with the people who actually produce the work.

The course details the key skills required by a supervisor including planning, controlling and motivating members of work groups.



The Role of the Supervisor

  • The Role of the Supervisor – regarding the Company, the Team, each Team Member, performance and results
  • The move from Team member to Supervisor
  • My role in ensuring my Team achieves Team goals
  • Ensuring the Team continuously improves
  • Managing the whole role – time management & effective goal setting
  • Leadership ‘Presence’ – looking like the Leader
  • The Influence of Supervisor Behavior – on the Team, on each Team Member
  • The focus of the effective Supervisor


Communicating Effectively

  • Positive, motivating Supervisor language & behaviors
  • Assertive Leader Behavior vs. Aggressive, Submissive or Passive Aggressive
  • Listening & building mutual respect with others
  • Directive Behavior - Setting out expectations using positive language
  • Coaching Behavior – prompting questions to encourage behavior
  • The power of feedback, positive encouraging, corrective feedback
  • Tools to give feedback
  • Planning my behavior to achieve the right outcome – useful planning tool
  • Inspiring the Team to achieve their goals – role-play of motivating Team Talk


Motivating the Team & Team Members

  • What motivates, what de-motivates?
  • Using Goals & Metrics to motivate – rather than de-motivating
  • Setting Team Goals – planning improvement steps
  • Using small Recognition rewards – to reinforce positive behavior & increase quantity & quality of performance
  • Using motivating behaviors & tools effectively


Working with each Team Member

  • Bonding with each Team Member – winning respect & buy-in
  • What is my ‘ideal’ Team Member – what am I building?
  • Setting improvement goals
  • Working one-to-one – planning & role-playing one-to-one discussions
  • Handling difficult situations & challenging people

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