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Career Certificate in Print Media Translation

The Career Certificate in Print Media Translation (CCMT) is a program geared toward training learners to master the linguistic and stylistic skills associated with print media. Exposure to current affairs and the ongoing political and economic scene is given in light of a translation methodology that emphasizes the peculiar language traits of print media. This methodology is supplemented by a communicative approach to increase learners’ awareness of culture-specific language usage. Electives give students a choice between courses that offer training in a variety of topics; a course geared toward style improvement (manuscript editing); resuming courses started in the foundation certificate from and into a foreign language; or learning a foreign language. Graduates can work for news agencies and broadcasting companies.

CCMT is comprised of two modules:

1. Foundation Certficate in Written Translation (FCWT), consisting of three ATS core curriculum courses and one elective.

2. Media Translation (MT) with either a dual concentration or simply into Arabic or English, consisting of four mandatory courses and one elective.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of the Foundation Certificate in Written Translation


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