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What is the Certified Internal Auditor Certificate?

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Certificate is the only globally accepted
designation for internal auditors and the standard by which internal auditing
professionals demonstrate their knowledge and competence to facilitate and
manage today’s complex internal audit responsibilities.
What is the CIA program?
For many years, the program has reflected competence in the principles and
practices of internal auditing. It offers expertise and deep knowledge of
setting standards for operations.

The CIA program is composed of four parts:

Part I: The Internal Audit Activity’s Role in Governance, Risk, and Control
Plan engagements, perform other internal audit roles and
responsibilities, understand the internal audit activity’s role in
organizational governance, establish a risk-based plan, comply
with The IIA’s attribute standards, governance, risk, control
knowledge elements

Part II: Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement Monitor engagement
outcomes, conduct specific engagements, conduct Engagements,
engagement tools, fraud knowledge elements
Part III: Business Analysis and Information Technology Information
technology, regulatory, legal, and economics, managerial
accounting, financial accounting and finance, business processes
Part IV: Business Management Skills Negotiating, management skills,
organizational behavior, global business environments, strategic

What do CIAs do?

• Are viable resources for executive management and board of directors that
help in accomplishing the overall goals of organizations
• Boost their career opportunities and earn increased credibility and respect
• Develop their knowledge of best practices in the industry
• Broaden their knowledge on internal controls and other operational issues
such as IT, finance and accounting
• Demonstrate proficiency and professional ability to control and identify risks
• Are equipped with the best ways for auditing professionals to
communicate with today’s challenges
• Lay the foundation for continued improvement and advancement

What is the IIA?

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA, www.theiia.org) is a professional
association of internal auditors involved in promoting professional growth and
progress for the practice of internal auditing. It administers the CIA program,
curriculum, exams, and grading.

Why should I join the CIA program at AUC?

• A step-by step coaching approach
• Highly selected and qualified instructors and professionals
• Increase your chances of passing the exam through intensive practice
• Confidence through exam simulation
• Support and advice in IIA membership and exam application
• Unsuccessful candidates may enroll again for free upon the fulfillment of
accepted criteria
• Joining the AUC community as a part-time instructor
• Technical and advising assistance during office hours

What is the CIA examination?

The CIA exam tests your knowledge of current internal auditing practices,
risks and controls. The process of preparing for the exam will enhance your
professional insight and strengthen your knowledge of the internal auditing
profession. The CIA exam is offered in four parts, each consisting of 125
multiple choice questions.
When is the CIA exam taken?
As of May 2008, the certification exam was made available all year round
through computer-based testing.

What are the enrollment requirements for the CIA program?

• Passing an English exam*
• Copy of the Graduation Certificate
• Two Passport Size Photo
• Copy of student ID
*AUC alumni, students and graduates of English sections are not required to
pass an English exam

How much it will cost me to apply for the CIA program at AUC?

• Part I: LE 3,000
• Part II: LE 3,000
• Part III: LE 3,400
• Part IV: LE 3,000
• Registration Fees: LE 150

The above breakdown includes the cost of books and a CD.


For more information and registration call 27976882/ 6538/5724
mobile: 01157627073
email: bsdsce@aucegypt.edu

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