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What is the Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate?

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certificate is a professional global
passport, providing the knowledge and expertise that allows CFA certificate
holders to practice across international borders. With CFA charter holders in
more than 160 countries, the CFA certificate has become globally
distinctive, recognized and rewarded by employers, respected by regulators
and investment institutions and demanded by private investors.


What is the CFA program?

Since 1962, the CFA program has been setting the global standard for
investment knowledge. It is a graduate-level curriculum and examination
program for investment specialists and especially security analysts, money
managers and investment advisors.
The program is composed of three levels on the following topics:
1) Ethical and Professional Standards
2) Quantitative Methods
3) Economics
4) Financial Statement Analysis
5) Corporate Finance
6) Analysis of Equity Investments
7) Analysis of Department Investments
8) Analysis of Derivatives
9) Analysis of Alternative Investments
10) Portfolio Management


What are the benefits of the CFA designation?

International Recognition: Employers and media around the world praise the
CFA designation
Competitive Advantage: Employers are willing to pay a premium for CFA
Connections: You will join more than 78,000 charter holders around the
world who are active investment professionals with senior responsibility
Return on your Investment: Devoting three years of your time to earn a CFA
charter is an investment that positions you to compete and succeed in
the global workplace


What is the CFA Institute?

The CFA program, curriculum, exams and grading are administered by the
CFA Institute ( The CFA Institute has headquarters
in Charlottesville, Virginia and New York in the United States, as well as
office in Hong Kong and London.
Why should I join the CFA program at AUC?
• A step-by step coaching approach
• Highly selected and qualified instructors and professionals
• Increased chances of passing the exam through intensive practice to
master the material
• Support and advice in membership and exam application
• Unsuccessful candidates may enroll again for free upon the fulfillment
of accepted criteria
• Joining the AUC community as a part-time instructor
• Technical and advising assistance during office hours
• Attaining an AUC certificate upon fulfillment of attendance

What is the CFA examination?

CFA exams are designed to develop and measure comprehension, analysis
and integration. At Level I, candidates are asked basic knowledge and
comprehension questions and must perform some analysis. At Level II, the
emphasis is on analysis and application, while Level III focuses on
synthesis and integration.

When is the CFA exam taken?

The exam is offered in June for the three levels and in December for level
one only.

What are the enrollment requirements for the CFA program?

• Passing an English exam with a minimum score of 70 percent*
• Copy of graduation certificate

• Two passport size photos
• Copy of student ID

* AUC alumni, students and graduates of English sections are not required
to pass an English exam


How much it will cost me to apply for the CFA program at AUC?

• Level I: LE 8,000
• Level II: LE 8,500
• Level III: LE 8,500

For more information and registration call 27976882/ 6538/5724
mobile: 01157627073

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