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What is the Certified Public Accountant Certificate?

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certificate is an international
certificate attained by professionals who posses a wide pool of exceptional
knowledge and skills in the fields of auditing and accounting. The CPA
credential is a license that authorizes the holder to practice as a certified
public accountant.

What is the CPA program?

It is an advanced level curriculum requiring candidates to demonstrate
knowledge of accounting, finance, auditing, business environment
and regulations.

The CPA program is composed of four sections:

• Auditing and Attestation Auditing Procedures - generally accepted
auditing standards and other standards related to attest engagements
• Financial Accounting and Reporting Generally Accepted Accounting
Principles - for business enterprises, not-for-profit organizations and
governmental entities
• Federal Regulation - taxation, ethics, professional and legal
responsibilities, and business law
• Business Environment and Concepts - general business environment,
business concepts and accounting implications

Why are CPAs important to organizations?

• Are trusted problem-solving professionals who enable people and
organizations to shape their future
• Provide a wide range of services to governments, businesses, industries
and within the field of education
• Communicate the overall picture with clarity and objectivity
• Translate complex information into critical knowledge
• Anticipate and create opportunities
• Design pathways that transform vision into reality

What is AICPA?

Founded in 1887, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(AICPA) is the national professional organization for CPAs in the United States.
AICPA provides educational guidance materials to its members and creates
and grades the uniform CPA exam (www.aicpa.org)

Why should I join the CPA program at AUC?

• A step-by step coaching approach
• Highly qualified and experienced instructors and professionals
• Increased chances of passing the exam through intensive practice to
master the material
• Confidence through exam simulation
• Support and advice in exam application
• Unsuccessful candidates may enroll again for free upon the fulfillment
of accepted criteria

What is the CPA examination?

One of the world’s leading licensing examinations, the CPA exam serves to
protect public interest by helping to ensure that only qualified individuals
become licensed as CPAs.

What are the enrollment requirements for the CPA program?

• Passing an English exam*
• Completing a program of study in accounting at a college or university
• Copy of graduation certificate
• Two passport size photos
• Copy of student ID
* AUC alumni, students and graduates of English sections are not required
to pass an English exam

Where and when is the CPA exam taken?

The CPA exam can be taken in any of the 54 jurisdictions of the United
States. There are four testing windows in each calendar year during which
the exam can be taken:
• January – February
• April - May
• July - August
• October - November

Each section may be scheduled and taken independently of any other
section and in any order.


How much will it cost to apply for the CPA program at AUC?

The breakdown of fees for each section is as follows:
• Fare: LE 5,800

For more information and registration call 27976882/ 6538/5724
mobile: 01157627073
email: bsdsce@aucegypt.edu

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