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This event is brought by Career Gates and The First Mall with the collaboration of Pashion Magazine.
If you are interested in fashion and want to know more about the techniques and concepts then here is your chance.
This workshop will take you to the fashion world and boost your talents with the professional tutors and the voguish atmosphere.

Workshop Sessions:

1:Fashion Drawing.

You will enjoy learning and designing you own mood board. Plus you will discover the principles of fifigure drawing.

2:Fashion designing.

Uncover the concept of fashion designing and get exposed to a spectacular fashion illustration drawing.


Find out the know-how of  creating garments by using fabrics loosely on a body.


Understand the different body shapes and the dos and donts you should know when choosing clothes. Plus you will take a tour in The First Mall to unleash the new trends in the market.












Call us at (Land line: 333-67-846 or Mobile: 011-20002100)


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