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The course is divided into three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. You will learn from the basics of editing and its principles, to the professional film and programs editing. Career Gates offers outstanding facilities and equipments for its participants; such as Mac computers and Final Cut programs to provide an excellent understanding and learning process.


Learning outcomes

•    Introduction .
•    Remapping operating system functions.
•    Using the exercise files.
•    Using the Interface.
•    Launching the application for the first time.
•    Adjusting essential preferences .
•    Learning the interface.
•    Customizing the window layout.
•    The four ways to drive Final Cut Pro.
•    Organizing the browser.
•    Tab improvements .
•    Working with Clips.
•    Editing with the Viewer window .
•    Marking clips.
•    Marking in the timeline .
•    Building the Story.
•    Working with audio in the Viewer window.
•    Track targeting.
•    Three-point editing.
•    Manipulating the playhead.
•    Moving clips in the timeline.
•    Adjusting edit points in the timeline.
•    Splitting clips.
•    Multitrack editing.
•    Deleting clips .
•    Performing an insert edit.
•    Performing a shuffle edit.
•    Other ways to work with clips.
•    Advanced Editing Techniques.
•    Performing a replace edit .
•    Linking and unlinking.
•    Roll and ripple edits.
•    Adjusting edit points on the fly.
•    Slip and slide edits.
•    Creating subclips .
•    Match framing.
•    Editing audio and video.
•    Mastering the Interface .
•    Taking control of your timeline
•   Changing track visibility and locking
•   Auto Select
•   Creating keyboard shortcuts
•   Creating buttons
•   Basic Audio Mixing
•   Introduction to mixing
•   Adjusting audio levels in the viewer
•   Adjusting audio levels in the timeline
•   Fading audio
•   Adjusting the audio mix on the fly
•   Using the Audio Mixer tool
•   Markers
•   Inserting markers
•   Types of markers
•   Moving and repositioning markers
•   Snapping markers to each other
•   Transcribing using markers
•   Navigating to markers
•   Ripple-deleting markers
•   Subclipping using markers
•   Exporting markers
•   Modifying Speed
•   Fit to fill.mov
•   Changing speed at a constant rate
•   Changing speed at a variable rate
•   Creating and using freeze frames
•   Transitions
•   Using transitions
•   Modifying transitions
•   Introduction to rendering
•   Applying bulk transitions
•   Alpha transitions
•   Saving favorites
•   Filters
•   Using filters
•   Modifying filters
•   The Color Corrector
•   Filterpacs
•   Smoothcam
•   Saving favorites
•   Working with Stills
•   Working with stills
•   Working with layered Photoshop files
•   Moving on stills
•   Creating Titles
•   Creating basic titles
•   Creating lower thirds
•   Creating outline text
•   Creating a credit roll
•   Using master templates
•   Multicam
•   Introducing multicam editing
•   Creating a multicam clip using sync points
•   Creating a multicam clip with timecode
•   Refining your multicam edit
•   Editing a multicam clip in a timeline
•   Importing
•   Importing files and folders
•   Importing audio into Final Cut Pro
•   Preparing for log and capture
•   Special considerations for HDV users
•   Logging clips
•   Capturing clips
•   Reconnecting media
•   The Log and Transfer window
•   Exporting
•   Exporting to a QuickTime movie
•   Sharing
•   Sending to Compressor
•   Printing to video.

Admission Requirements

Should be familiar with Mac operating system


Each level is held for 6 weeks, two sessions per week, each for 3 hours.


Career Gates- British Training Institute.


Editor and Director: Mohamed Samir

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