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Most scholars of Career Gates join the industry initially as Assistant Directors and work their way up towards the Directors post. But there is no hard and fast rule about this and if the student has the capability they might well straightaway become a Director as soon as they pass out from the cinema academy of Career Gates.
The course is divided into three modules; beginner, intermediate and advanced. The first level has 30% practical work and 70% theoretical framework. Moving up to the second phase you get 50% of the work on practical structure.  And finally the last phase emphasizes all its work on the practical support. And by finishing all the three phases, the student is ready to establish his own movie and is grasped all the principles and techniques of creative directing.


•    Know yourself  well .
•    Know your tools and actors.
•    One in One Scenes.
•    One to Group Scenes.
•    Monologues .
•    Dialogue .
•    Flashback.
•    Group Acting.
•    Meaning pokies online and Images in a film.
•    Different camera shots and movement .
•    Prepare for a Science Role .
•    Create a list of shooting.
•    Preparing for shooting the Short Movie.
•    Screening of the Student Short Movies.
•    Introduction to Lenses.
•    Lenses Drama.
•    Camera Movement.
•    Different Types of Shots.
•    Difference between zoom and track.
•    The Rhythm of Shots,
•    Composition and Meaning.
•    How to build an Idea?
•    Introduction to Documentary Film.
•    Tools of the Director.
•    The importance of the Imaginary Line

Admission requirements:

Basic and background knowledge about cinema and its history and the people working on it.


Each level is held for 6 weeks, two sessions per week, each for 3 hours.


Career Gates- British Training Institute


Director: Mohamed Ali
Director and Editor: Mohamed Samir
Director and Actor: Nedal el Debs
Documentary director: Emad Arnest


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