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The course will focus on the primary elements of acting, such as relaxation, concentration, emotional truth, imagination, etc. The main aim of this course is to transform the minds of the scholars from “audience” to “performers” or “communicators”. Most audience when they watch an acting scene, they think that it is an easy task that requires no work at all.

However, when they come to perform a scene, almost always they will over-act or under-act. This course helps the audience become actors and maintain the appropriate level of acting that makes the scene appear believable and real. This transformation is only possible through recognizing and skillfully employing the “actors’ tools” which are: the vocal system, facial expressions and the previous experience.
The course is divided into three modules; beginner, intermediate and advanced. The first level has 30% practical work and 70% theoretical framework. Moving up to the second phase you get 50% of the work on practical structure.  And finally the last phase emphasizes all its work on the practical support. And by finishing all the three phases, the student is ready to establish his own movie and is grasped all the principles and techniques of creative directing.



Learning outcome:

•    Focusing internally; to “know yourself well”. This task aims at knowing your tools an actor. •    One-on-one scenes.
•    One-to-group scenes.
•    Monologues.
•    Group acting.
•    Scene etiquette.
•    Advanced monologues; improvised and scripted.
•    Ten minutes scenes.
•    Studying Voice and Movement.
•    Scene Study; theater and film.
•    Farce Comedy.
•    “Greek Tragedy”.
•    Student Performances.

Admission requirements:

Basic and background knowledge about cinema and its history and the people working on it.


Each level is held for 6 weeks, two sessions per week, each for 3 hours.


Career Gates- British Training Institute


Actor: Fathy Abdelwahab
Actor: Khaled Abouel Naga

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