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The Interior Design and Decoration programs at Career Gates provide you with the opportunity to become an amazing Interior designer. The programs are designed to unleash your natural flair for styles and colors and your creativity, while providing you with a profound knowledge base and all the skills you will require to become a world-class Interior designer.

We offer numerous programmes in Interior Design and Decoration that tailor to your specific needs. Our full ranged program that will take you through the whole interior design process, allowing you to explore the different design styles and provide you with all the knowledge and skills you will need to pursue or enhance your Interior Design Career.

Why Career Gates Interior Design Diploma ?

Studying interior design at Career Gates is a nourishing experience that you will value for years to come. You will enjoy your studies in a comfortable environment that emphasizes peer-to-peer learning. We deliver our programs in a manner that will allow you to learn at your own pace in a flexible schedule. Plus you will be certified by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Career Gates.

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to provide the participant with knowledge to develop their talent among in the area of designing arts. They will discover the history of interior design. In terms of design tools, they will learn to use the design technology like Auto-Cad and graphics software in designing expression. Moreover, we will provide a career programme encouraging self employment or support them to undertake interior design project in the future.



The diploma consists of four studios that guide you through the process

Interior Design Studio 1:

Give you the know-how you need to design a room from floor to ceiling. Also you will investigate "green" sustainable design, and you will find out how to modify your designs for people with special needs. Plus you will learn how to design a space whether for a living or a working space. Moreover, you will learn how to use different textures and materials and understand how natural elements create a unique visual effect and all visual effects have a corresponding effect on human mind.

Interior Design Studio II

Prerequisite: Interior Design Studio I
Reinforces concepts and skills developed in Interior Design Studio I. Extends your abilities in space planning and furniture layouts for larger residential spaces to small contract office spaces. It focuses on the development of color schemes and the selection of furniture and finishes. And introduces participants to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its impact on the design of interior spaces.

Interior Design Studio III

Prerequisites: Interior Design Studio II
Problem solving focuses on specific building types and user groups in areas which include corporate, retail, and institutional. Appropriate research methods and programming of client requirements are introduced, as well as techniques of diagramming space to provide proper circulation and activity relationships. Design concept, image, color and finishes, graphics, building codes, and barrier-free design compliance are emphasized. Evaluations by practicing interior designers and architects highlight particiapants’ presentations.

Interior Design Studio IV

Prerequisites: Interior Design Studio III

Through research, design analysis, and problem solving, you explore the user-groups and challenges associated with the multi-functional use of hospitality and residential spaces. Lighting, color finishes, materials and details, building code issues, and barrier-free applications are emphasized.



Unit Name

Credit Hours


Studio I


4 weeks



4 weeks

Studio II


4 weeks

Studio III


4 weeks

Studio IV


4 weeks



5 months



  • Career Gates certified Diploma
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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