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This course is an introduction to personal styling techniques, we'll teach you the theory of styling, and how to apply it to your own needs and lifestyle, developing your own individual look and showing you how to personalize trends. We'll be covering how to adapt trends, we'll be putting style before fashion. Will introduce you to the celebrity styling and will provide you with an understanding of how the fashion image fits into a celebrity's development.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to pay attention to trends and to be able to identify a winning style.
During the course you will learn how to get started in personal styling, as this is the basis of all aspects of styling, understanding figures, colors and personalities so that you can deal with a client. Also you will understand how to maximize your look through great posture and lingerie, Dressing for your lifestyle, or moving out of your comfort zone. Also you will learn how to build and maintain an effective wardrobe, and use accessories to best effect.



Admission requirement:

There is no requirement to sign up for the course.

You will need to bring:

A pen and binder (in which to compile your personal style file); a hand mirror on a stand


8 classes, each session 3 hours, twice a week.




•    Career Gates
•    Canadian Chamber of commerce  (extra fees)

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