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Program Overvirew:

The Graduate Diploma programs are offered under the academic supervision of Group ESLSCA faculty, and are applicable to the Master Degree program MIBA if certain criteria are met. Diplomas are awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 18 credits, with a minimum grade point average of 3.00.
GD can be completed in three academic terms. It should be noted, however, that the time to complete the program is nine months.
The credits earned will be transferred to our Master Degree Program.

Program Objectives:

The program is designed to provide students with in-depth and applied knowledge in international marketing management, and for individuals who need a solid foundation in International Marketing in order to advance in their career or prepare for a career change.

Program Structure:

Core Courses
1st Semester
BUS520 : Marketing Management

An introductory course in marketing management. It exposes students to the marketing process, the analytical tools required to make the process work, and related managerial issues. The first part of the course focuses on the analytical tools that marketers must use to build effective programs, while the second part of the semester focuses on applying these tools to developing the marketing mix: product, price, placement, and promotion.

BUS620 : International Marketing
Designed to review the basic principles of marketing and to then examine in-depth the process of marketing goods and services on an international basis. Particular emphasis is placed on cultural problems facing international marketers as well as multinational corporations. Using readings from the required text, articles from recent business press, and cases students learn international marketing strategies relating to products and services, the international marketing mix and marketing tactics, and the development of marketing management on an international level.

2nd Semester
Bus625 : Customer Behavior

Introduces students to a wide range of behavioral concepts, and explores the strategic implications of customer behavior for marketers. The mutual influence process between customers and marketers is examined with the goal of understanding how customer behavior theories and concepts can be used to enhance marketing decision making and to develop effective marketing mix strategies.

BUS537 : Integrated Marketing Communication
The course is designed to develop the skills necessary to effectively plan, implement and evaluate advertising and promotional programs. Consequently, an understanding of the overall marketing process, consumer's behavior, communications theory and the media of advertising and promotion is included in the course to enable the student to acquire these skills. As a result, the various factors that must be considered in planning, developing, and implementing advertising and promotional campaigns and programs will be examined. Attention will also be given to the diverse environment in which advertising and promotion operates and promotional decisions are made. Finally, the regulatory, social and economic factors that influence, and are in turn influenced by an organization's advertising and promotional program will be examined

3rd Semester
BUS581 : Service Marketing

BUS626 : Marketing Research
Designed to give students experience in acquiring, analyzing, and presenting information for making decisions about the marketing of goods and services. The topics include: methods for collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, demand analysis, and forecasting. Ultimately, this course is not intended to make participants market researchers, but rather good users of marketing information. A pilot market research study is required.

Specialization Tracks

Program Requirments:

Original Graduation Certificate "In English language"
Original Transcript "In English Language"
Copy of Passport
5 Personal Photos
Updated Resume (C.V)
Application Fee: 275 LE (Non Refundable)
EAT or equivalent local TOEFL with minimum score of 500 is required of all applicants from International Center for Cultural Development (ICCD) at Venny Square, Dokki or call them at (202) 37625293/4
After you have submitted your application for the GD program, the Admission office will evaluate your file. Candidates will be invited to interview following the initial review of the application, at the discretion of the admissions committee. The Academic Committee bases its decision through the interview on the strength of the application as a whole; no formula is used. Strong applicants have solid work experience and excellent academics.

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