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Program Overview:

The Graduate Diploma programs are offered under the academic supervision of Group ESLSCA faculty, and are applicable to the Master Degree program MIBA if certain criteria are met. Diplomas are awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 18 credits, with a minimum grade point average of 3.00.
GD can be completed in three academic terms. It should be noted, however, that the time to complete the program is nine months.
The credits earned will be transferred to our Master Degree Program.

Program Objectives:

The program is designed to provide an overview of finance and accounting basics and moves into more complex issues of investment.
Studying with motivated peers and leading industry professionals, students examine financial markets and institutions from an international perspective, focusing on multinational commerce and trade, and gaining a complete understanding of economic impact of global markets and financial service industry. This comprehensive program is designed to give you the specialized financial curriculum needed to prepare for senior-level management position.

Program Structure:

Core Courses
1st Semester
BUS516 : Accounting for Managers

Examines the use and preparation of cost and management data for planning, decision-making, and control. It is intended as an introduction for individuals who will make business decisions and evaluate the performance of business units using accounting data. Topics covered include: cost allocation systems, cost for short-term and long-term decision-making, customer profitability analysis, and planning and management control systems.

BUS518 : Financial Management
Covers the foundations of corporate finance and investments. Students use these foundations to analyze financial decisions. Topics covered include: the valuation of fixed-income securities and stocks, capital budgeting and the choice of investment projects, the optimal capital structure of the firm, and the notion of market efficiency.

2nd Semester
BUS582 : Risk Management

BUS616 : International Finance
Introduces students to the international monetary environment and capital markets. Topics covered include: foreign exchange rate determination; foreign currency options and futures; sources of global equity and debt; multinational capital budgeting; and foreign direct investment.

3rd Semester
BUS662 : Banking and Financial Institutions

The first part covers the "economic theory" with special emphasis on the creation of money and the determination of interest rates. The course will also cover commercial banks' management with special emphasis on credit analysis. The second part analyzes financial markets, conceptually and theoretically focusing on the role, structure and activities of financial intermediaries. Furthermore, the management of the major financial institutions other than banks will be presented.

BUS611 : Investment and Portfolio Management
Introduce students to different types of securities, markets, transaction costs, and security regulations. The basic techniques for analyzing the potential returns and risk of individual securities, and for combining them efficiently into portfolios, are also studied. In addition, this course explores the practical aspects of investment analysis relevant to bond and stock evaluation, portfolio analysis, performance evaluation, and the formulation of investment policies and strategies. The points of view of both individual and institutional investors are considered, but primary emphasis is placed on the individual investor. New trends in investments such as e-trade and on line investments would also be presented.

Specialization Tracks

Program Requirments:

Original Graduation Certificate "In English language"
Original Transcript "In English Language"
Copy of Passport
5 Personal Photos
Updated Resume (C.V)
Application Fee: 275 LE (Non Refundable)
EAT or equivalent local TOEFL with minimum score of 500 is required of all applicants from International Center for Cultural Development (
ICCD) at Venny Square, Dokki or call them at (202) 37625293/4

After you have submitted your application for the GD program, the Admission office will evaluate your file. Candidates will be invited to interview following the initial review of the application, at the discretion of the admissions committee. The Academic Committee bases its decision through the interview on the strength of the application as a whole; no formula is used. Strong applicants have solid work experience and excellent academics.

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