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The ESLSCA DBA program follows the internationally established pattern where managers extend their knowledge through advanced management studies and application of these studies to their workplace situation. This includes the exploration of contemporary literature, theory and reports of best practice. Participants are then able to integrate the acquired knowledge in applied forms through a specific research project. Graduates from the program are expected to make a key contribution to practice, so program work will relate to decision-making, leadership, change and process management as well as research methodologies.


Typical doctoral students at ESLSCA attend part time. They are expected to come from successful careers occupying top positions in various sectors: private, public and nonprofit. They are expected to bring their experiences and knowledge to the classroom and in turn demand incisive instruction and intelligent, well-developed classroom discussions.


Whereas a Ph.D. will develop academic researchers, this DBA will enable the participant to use research methods to define, implement and evaluate the strategies necessary for business.


Furthermore and contrary to the prevailing belief that DBA does not allow its holder to pursue a career in teaching. The diversity and intensity of courses provided in this program equips DBA holders with the tools necessary for a better teaching performance, mainly at the undergraduate level.


Program Requirements

Candidates seeking admission to the DBA program should meet the following requirements:

1- Education:
- An MBA degree from ESLSCA or from any other reputable university.
- Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts (MA) in Business Administration. Applicants may be asked to complete a prescribed bridging program (normally designated from an MBA program).
- A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 in the Master's degree is required.

2- Experience:
- Managerial or professional work experience will be given priority.
- A professional resume is required.

3- Skills:
- Acceptable score in GMAT, GRE or equivalent (i.e.: ESLSCA Management Admission test “EMAT’’).
- An acceptable level of English proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent).

4- Recommendations:
- Three written recommendation letters attesting to the candidate's ability to pursue a doctoral program.

5- Statement of Potential Purpose:
- In approximately 1000 words addressing the candidate's goals and reasons for seeking a doctoral degree.


Doctorate of business administration (DBA), 48 CR.H, € 275 Per CR.H, € 16500 full payment   




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