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Global Perspective

"Our programs have a strong global emphasis to prepare students for the 21st century. Our internationally diverse faculty provides global perspectives and experiences. Programs ensure all students graduate with and cross-cultural communication skills."

The MIBA is designed to develop and expand students' capacity to analyze managerial problems and make intelligent and resourceful decisions. The program allows
 students to  move forward  in a  successful management  career and to be leaders in the complex and fast-paced business world by acting with determination, sound judgment, and integrity.

The MIBA  encompasses  study  of  real  world  situations,  students acquire  both  breadth  and  depth  of  knowledge  and  skills appropriate  for  general  management. 

The MIBA  offers  a balance between theory and practice, and the economic and social responsibilities of business leadership.

The MIBA is designed for all individuals with strong leadership potential.

The MIBA  proposes  an  international  perspective.  The  program  has drawn on the excellence of the French educational traditions in Groupe ESLSCA's French divisions and has also integrated the best of business education in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the world.

The MIBA constantly embraces the most relevant innovations and trends in business education and practice without submitting to management fads and fashions.

The language of  instruction  is English, it will  qualify graduates to pursue employment opportunities in multinational corporations.

Program Objectives:

To prepare students for leadership positions in an international environment by providing them with the basic knowledge of how organizations function and equipping them with the necessary skills for effective work. These skills include:
-Analysis and problem solving

- Critical and creative thinking

- Effective interpersonal communication

- Effective practice of teamwork

- Taking initiative and calculated risks


Program Requirements

Minimum 4 years of work experience
Original Graduation Certificate "In English language"
Original Transcript "In English Language"
Copy of Passport
5 Personal Photos
Updated Resume (C.V)
Application Fee: 275 LE (Non Refundable)
English proficiency test
TOEFL with minimum score of 500 or equivialent score.
After you have submitted your application to MIBA program, the Admission office will evaluate your file. Candidates will be invited to interview following the initial review of the application, at the discretion of the admissions committee. The Academic Committee bases its decision through the interview on the strength of the application as a whole; no formula is used. Strong applicants have solid work experience and excellent academics.

- Managing change

- To adopt and practice high professional standards and ethical conduct.

- To give students an integrated perspective of the functional areas of business and the economic, political, legal, and social environments that affect the business enterprise.

- To inculcate a global perspective and an in-depth understanding of the Global business environment and practices.

- To prepare students to use contemporary technologies, to understand the strategic role of information and communication technologies in contemporary business practice.


Tuition per credit hour for the year 2013/2014 is €155

Paris trip fees 900 € including air tickets, week accommodation attending the course in ESLSCA premises (Optional) ·

For Egyptians 25% paid in Euro and 75% paid in the exchange rate of Central Bank, for non Egyptians the full fees paid in hard currency Your Tuition Fee will remain constant during your program at ESLSCA Business School as long as you do not break or drop. Other fees may change without prior notice.




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