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Global Perspective
"Our programs have a strong global emphasis to prepare students for the 21st century. Our internationally diverse faculty provides global perspectives and experiences. Programs ensure all students graduate with and cross-cultural communication skills."

The global banking and Finance industry is currently undergoing a major restructuring. Future managers will have to be aware of the importance of the banking and Finance industry to the economy, key risk management techniques and the links between banks and the more broadly defined finance industry. Of critical importance is that future bank managers have a holistic knowledge of bank operations - including thecredit, liquidity and market risk departments.
ESLSCA Master in Banking, Finance and Risk Management is intended for professionals working in banking and finance sector, with relevant industry experience, who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise. Or for those who pursue to shift their career to banking and finance sector


Program Objectives
The program is designed to develop professionals working in banking and finance industry to be able to compete in the 21 century. It provides you with the knowledge and skills to recognize and solve executive management problems and to implement solution. With an industry undergoing such rapid change, highly developed leadership skills are required to meet the challenges in multiple changes occurring in the industry.  Specifically, students will learn:

• The fundamental and advanced aspects of domestic and international bank operations
• Essential financial and operational risk measurement and management techniques
• How to utilize financial techniques and their uses within the banking firm
• To apply analytical techniques to analyze operational problems arising within banks
• Evaluate theory through critical appraisal of current research in the area of banks


Program Requirments:

1. Minimum 4 years experience in banking & Finance sector or 7 years of a managerial level in non banking sector.
2. Original Transcript / Certificate "In English language"
3. Copy of Valid Passport
4. Original Birth Certificate
5. Personal Photos
6. Updated Resume (C.V)
7. TOEFL with minimum score of 500 or equivalent score.
8. Responses to the three application essay questions:

Tell us about two of your accomplishments.
Tell us two setbacks you have faced.
Why do you want an MBA?

09. An appropriate performance is a must during a personal interview to finalize your admission process


Tuition per credit hour for the year 2013/2014 is €155

Paris trip fees 900 € including air tickets, week accommodation attending the course in ESLSCA premises (Optional) ·

For Egyptians 25% paid in Euro and 75% paid in the exchange rate of Central Bank, for non Egyptians the full fees paid in hard currency Your Tuition Fee will remain constant during your program at ESLSCA Business School as long as you do not break or drop. Other fees may change without prior notice.


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