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Linux admin

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Linux admin
Red Hat System Administration I (RH124):
Access the command line
Manage files from the command line
Get help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Create, view, and edit text files
Manage local Linux users and groups
Control access to files with Linux file system permissions
Monitor and manage Linux processes
Control services and daemons
Configure and secure OpenSSH service
Analyze and store logs
Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux networking
Archive and copy files between systems
Install and update software packages
Access Linux file systems
Use virtualized systems
Comprehensive review
Red HatSystem Administration II (RH134):
Automate installation with Kick start
Use regular expressions with grep
Create and Edit text files with vim
Schedule future Linux tasks
Manage priority of Linux processes
Control access to files with access control lists (ACL)
Manage SELinux security
Connect to network-defined users and groups
Add disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system
Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage
Access networked attached storage with network file system (NFS)
Access networked storage with SMB
Control and troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot process
Limit network communication with firewall
Comprehensive review


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