Oracle Solaris 11: The First Cloud OS


As the preferred operating system for Oracle applications, Oracle Solaris 11 is widely deployed in mission-critical environments across a broad range of industries including financial services, communications, healthcare, retail, public sector, and media and entertainment. In the latest update, Oracle Solaris 11.1 has extended its data center capabilities to meet the increasing demands of cloud computing and enterprise environments that rely on big data and new social/mobile applications. The new, stronger integration with Oracle Solaris Cluster software further extends the scalability of the Oracle stack and provides enhanced security with a lower cost of operation and increased efficiency.

Built for Cloud Infrastructures

New cloud infrastructure features in Oracle Solaris 11 include highly efficient built-in virtualization capabilities across the system, network, and storage resources and support for the industry's new, open-standard Federated File System (FedFS), which provides a unified namespace for cloud-scale data environments. Also included:

  • Expanded support for Software Defined Networks (SDN), including enhancements to Edge Virtual Bridging to maximize network resource utilization and manage bandwidth in cloud environments
  • Data Center Bridging support that combines Ethernet and storage networks to help save on network infrastructure costs
  • Oracle Solaris Zones updates that provide up to 4x performance improvement over the previous release of Oracle Solaris 11, with automatic shared storage support so that customers can easily move Oracle Solaris Zones between systems



The Best UNIX for Oracle Environments

Optimized for both SPARC and x86 architectures, Oracle Solaris is the volume leader in the UNIX market, outshipping AIX and HP-UX combined over the last five years. Customers can easily adopt the latest systems thanks to guaranteed binary compatibility, architecture-neutral APIs, and physical-to-virtual migrations made possible by virtualization technologies. With the largest UNIX applications portfolio in the industry, Oracle Solaris 11.1 now extends its leadership position as the best platform to run mission-critical enterprise applications and cloud infrastructures.

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