Foreign Language jobs

What is a language career about?

A career in languages is vital preparation for a growing list of careers that extends beyond the options of the typical association with translating, interpreting and teaching. In the modern day knowledge of a anguage besides english can enhance any career opportunity. A Language is viewed as a valuable and important auxiliary skill which can be applied worldwide. With the growing involvement in international business and the increasingly multinational global marketplace, the importance of foreign languages in nearly every kind of occupation is evident with communication barriers broken by foreign language specialists in importing, exporting, foreign trade, stockmarket and foreign negotiations.

While many different organizations require people with language skills for work both in locally and abroad.While some jobs require application of direct language skills in their jobs including interpeting , teaching and translating, their are many other jobs available in many different industries. However it may be required that language skills must accompany other skills in a typical role including possibly being degree qualified, for example a journalist or doctor.

Areas language specialists can work in ?

Below are a different industries in which knowing a foreign language may be advantageous :


  • Media(Journalism) and Film industry
  • Tourism and travel services Industry including Airlines and Hotels
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • local, state and federal government
  • International non-profit organizations
  • Publishing companies
  • Department of Defense and International Embassies.
  • Representatives in Foreign Companies
  • Health Services
  • Social services
  • Immigration services
  • Elementary, high schools,Universities and colleges

Qualifications and Training in Languages

Many universities through the bachelor of Arts degree or electives in other courses allow the study of a particular language with levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Coursework may include written and oral assignments and presentations. which cover fundamental grammar in beginner programs to highly practical conversations in advanced. There are special training certificate programs for accredication in translating and interpreting , which are available through many language institutes and some colleges/universities. Getting a qualification in languages in an auxillary skill as well as a primary skill , it can be used in standard language occupations in teaching, translating and interpreting but also in conjuncation with other qualications in other fields.

Types of opportunities and jobs available for foreign language speakers

Available jobs where knowling a foreign language can be advantageous include:


  • Social Workers deal with many minority and ethnic groups
  • Interpreter in an embassy, consulate, social services
  • Tourism with bilingual communication in hotel industry, customer service in airlines
  • Journalists such as foreign correspondents
  • Language teacher in High school
  • Translating services including websites, subtitles, books.

  • Other jobs include:

  • Archeologist
  • Advertising
  • Postal worker
  • Cultural Advisor
  • Customs Inspector
  • Diplomatic agents.
  • Flight Attendant
  • Police
  • Nursing
  • Scientific research
  • Photographer
  • Hotel/Resort Management
  • Import/Export sales representative
  • Immigration officer.
  • Fashions buyer
  • International Banking and Finance settlements and transactions.
  • Recruitment Personnel

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