AN30G - Power Systems for AIX - PowerVM I: Implementing Virtualization
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This course provides an overview of the PowerVM edition's features on POWER6, POWER7, and POWER8 processor-based systems. It explains the new features and benefits of virtualization including processor virtualization, Virtual I/O Server, and virtual devices, such as virtual Ethernet, virtual SCSI, and virtual Fibre Channel adapters. Basic and advanced configurations of the Virtual I/O Server and its clients are discussed including various availability options.

40 Hours

Day 1

  • Unit 1: Introduction to partitioning
  • Exercise 1: Power System documentation overview
  • Unit 2: Processor virtualization
  • Exercise 2: Processor virtualization configuration

Day 2

  • Unit 3: Integrated Virtual Ethernet
  • Exercise 3: Integrated Virtual Ethernet configuration
  • Unit 4: Virtual Ethernet
  • Exercise 4: Virtual Ethernet Adapter configuration
  • Unit 5 - Topic 1: Virtual I/O Server and virtual devices
  • Exercise 5 - Topic 1: Virtual I/O Server and client partition configuration

Day 3

  • Unit 5 - Topic 2: Virtual I/O Server and virtual devices
  • Exercise 5 - Topic 2: Virtual I/O Server and client partition configuration
  • Unit 6: Virtual network configurations with dual VIOS
  • Exercise 6: Shared Ethernet adapter failover setup

Day 4

  • Unit 7: Virtual SCSI configurations with dual VIOS
  • Exercise 7: Dual VIO servers configuration with MPIO in the client partition
  • Unit 8: N_Port ID Virtualization
  • Exercise 8. Virtual Fibre Channel adapter configuration
  • Unit 9: Migration from Physical to Virtual Storage

Day 5

  • Unit 10: HMC Service Management.
  • Exercise 9: Manage Service Events
  • Unit 11: PowerVM advanced systems maintenance
  • Exercise 10: PowerVM system maintenance
  • Exercise 11: (Optional) file-backed virtual disk and virtual media repository configuration

This advanced course is appropriate for System Administrators, Technical Support Personnel, and Business Partners responsible for implementing LPARs on IBM Power Systems with AIX servers.


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