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Sales Formula Professional
This program is designed to help sales professionals and sales managers set the right SALES FORMULA for their specific business needs.

Modules Included

General Sales Training
Sales Square 1                                                     (12 Hours)
Sales Planning, Preparation and Execution              (24 Hours)
Account Management Training
Panoramic Key Account Management                     (16 Hours) 
Executive Account Management                             (12 Hours)
Product Management Training
Product Management                                            (16 Hours)
Sales Formula Management Training
Effective Sales Force Management and Leadership  (16 Hours)
Sales Organization Structure and Reporting Flow    (8 Hours)
 Key Benefits
After completing this program, the participant will have both individual and organizational benefits. The individual part includes being able to carve a successful sales career up to the successful senior sales management level.
The organizational part includes the ability to leverage individual effort as well as team integrated effort and team organization to maximize the outcomes of the sales organization with the highest efficiency. Another organizational improvement is achieving a successful sales culture and atmosphere where the sales team is well positioned within the organization and motivated to perform up to their maximum 
 Participants' Profile
SALES FORMULA is designed for a wide range of groups: 
• It fits fresh sales professionals with as brief experience as one to three years. For this group, the SALES FORMUAL installs the foundation of sales and lays out the different routes of sales as well as the needed skills and tools for each.
• It also serves the more experienced sales professionals with about a decade of experience. For this group the SALES FORMULA has a very important role in recapping what had been missing through the sales journey so far. This is far more important than getting new experience or knowledge because once it is passed, it can be missed forever. SALES FORMULA makes sure there are no gaps or unnoticed holes in the sales experience weaver that this segment has been developing for nearly a decade. The second function that SALES FORMULA serves for this group is building the next level of structured sales career excellence through completing the formula of sales roles, leading sales efforts and plans as well as managing key customer accounts.
• The last target audience group is sales managers with less than five years experience. For this group SALES FORMULA makes sure the sales function is clearly laid out in the audience minds as well as different team members’ roles and responsibilities. It makes sure the manager has no blind spots in this critical position. SALES FORMULA has two more focus areas for this group: first introducing the effective formula of sales management including sales and people. Secondly, designing and managing sales organization including organizing people and jobs as well as effective reporting flow within the sales organization. 
Practical Information
Location: Regional IT Institute Premises.
Duration: 104 hours. 
Schedule: Once a week from 10:00 to 18:00.
Registration Requirements: Registration form and 2 photos. 


Exams within this Certification

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