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Certified Information Systems Security Professional
The Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) training courses program addresses the essential elements of the 10 domains that comprise a Common Body of Knowledge. It offers a job-related approach to the security process, and provides basic skills required to prepare for CISSP certification and to pass the CISSP exam. It is the perfect option for those seeking to acquire the credibility and mobility to advance within their current computer security careers or to migrate to a related career.
Lesson 1: Information Systems Access Control
Data Access Principles
System Access and Authentication
Penetration Tests
 Lesson 2: Security Architecture and Design
 Security Models
Security Modes
System Assurance
 Lesson 3: Network and Telecommunications Security
 Data Network Design
Remote Data Access
Data Network Security
Data Network Management
 Lesson 4: Information Security Management Goals
Organizational Security
The Application of Security Concepts
 Lesson 5: Information Security Classification and Program Development
Information Classification
Security Program Development
 Lesson 6: Risk Management and Ethics
 Risk Management
 Lesson 7: Application Security
Software Configuration Management
Software Controls
Database System Security
 Lesson 8: Cryptography
 Ciphers and Cryptography
Symmetric-Key Cryptography
Asymmetric-Key Cryptography
Hashing and Message Digests
Email, Internet, and Wireless Security
Cryptographic Weaknesses
 Lesson 9: Physical Security
 Physical Access Control
Physical Access Monitoring
Physical Security Methods
Facilities Security
 Lesson 10: Operations Security
 Major Legal Systems
Legal Concepts
Regulatory Issues
Computer Forensics
 Lesson 11: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Business Continuity Plan Fundamentals
Business Continuity Plan Implementation
Disaster Recovery Plan Fundamentals
Disaster Recovery Plan Implementation
 Lesson 12: Legal, Regulations, Compliance, and Investigations
 Computer Crime Laws and Regulations
 Computer Crime Incident Response
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