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Secretary Professional Diploma
Skills for Administrative assistant Working smarter: using technology to your advantage

Skills for Administrative assistant    

Module 1: Personal Best, Professional Best
Module 2: Putting Others at Ease       
Module 3: Distorted Thinking           
Module 4: The Steps to Feeling Good
Module 5: Understanding Assertiveness       
Module 6: Improving Your Assertiveness Skills
Module 7: Asking and Listening  
Module 8: Non-Verbal Messages       
Module 9: Getting Ahead      
Module10: Self-Management
Module11: Setting Goals
Module12: Working as a Team
Module13: Working with Difficult People     
Module14: Learning to Say No
Module15: Dealing with Stress         
Working smarter: using technology to your advantage
Module 1: Introduction and Course Overview
Module 2: Making Your Company a Technology-Friendly Place
Module 3: Conquering Computers       
Module 4: Communicating with the IT Department      
Module 5: Choosing Software Wisely  
Module 6: Technical Training   
Module7: Setting an IT Budget 
Module 8: Security and Privacy
Module 9: Uncontrolled vs. Controlled Networks        
Module10: Ergonomics
Module11: System Usage Policies       
Module12: Taking Care of Company Property   .
Module13: Timesaving Tools   
Module14: Telephone Etiquette          
Module15: Instant Messaging  
Module16: Telecommuting     
Module17: Workplace Rage     
Module 18: It’s Not Working!  
Module 19: A Policies and Procedures Checklist
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