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Marketing Professional Diploma
Telemarketing using the telephone as a sales tool Marketing and Sales Basic Internet Marketing Marketing with Social Media Creating a Google Ad Words Campaign Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand
Telemarketing using the telephone as a sales tool
Module 1: Pre-Assignment Review
Module 2: Verbal Communication
Module 3: To Serve and Delight
Module 4: Exceptional Things about Selling by Phone
Module 5: Building Trust
Module 6: It is More Than Just a Phase
Module 7: Communication Essentials
Module 8: Developing Your Script
Module 9: Pre-Call Planning
Module 10: Following Up
Module 11: Closing the Sale
Marketing and Sales
Module 1: Pre-Assignment Review
Module 2: Defining Marketing
Module 3: Recognizing Trends
Module 4: Market Research
Module 5: Strategies for Success
Module 6: Mission Statements
Module 7: Brochures
Module 8: Trade Shows
Module 9: Developing a Marketing Plan
Module 10: Increasing Business
Module 11: Advertising Myths
Module 12: Workshop Wrap-Up
Basic Internet Marketing
Module 1: What is Internet Marketing?
Module 2: Creating an Internet Marketing Plan
Module 3: Extending Your Influence
Module 4: E-mail Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module 6: Advertising Online
Module 7: Workshop Wrap-Up
Marketing with Social Media
Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Understanding the Marketing Mix
Module 3: Developing a Social Media Plan
Module 4: Building Your Social Media Team
Module 5: Using Social Media to Build Internal Communities
Module 6: Analyzing Your Impact with Metrics
Module 7: Keeping on Top of the Trends
Module 8: Damage Control
Module 9: Using Facebook
Module 10: Using LinkedIn
Module 11: Using Twitter
Module 12: Building a Blog
Module 13: Using Social Media Management Tools
Module 14: Launching Your Plan
Module 15: Workshop Wrap-Up
Creating a Google Ad Words Campaign
Understanding AdWords Lingo
Creating an AdWords Strategy
Creating a PPC Campaign
Designing Your Ads
Looking at Success
Workshop Wrap-Up
Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand
Module 1: Defining Branding
Module 2: What Are You All About?
Module 3: Creating a Mission
Module 4: Creating a Vision of the Future
Module 5: Positioning Your Brand
Module 6: Developing Your Style
Module 7: Developing a Brand Name and Slogan
Module 8: Creating a Visual Identity
Module 9: Living Your Brand
Module 10: Connecting with Customers
Module 11: Launching Your Brand
Module 12: Taking Your Brand’s Pulse
Module 13: Performing a SWOT Analysis
Module 14: Measuring Brand Health with a Balanced Scorecard
Module 15: Middleton’s Brand Matrix
Module 16: Interpreting Evaluation Results
Module 17: Keeping the Brand Alive
Module 18: Going Beyond the Brand


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