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Filmmaking and Montage Diploma
Introduction | 6 Scriptwriting | 12 CinematographyCinematography | 15 Lighting | 9 Directing | 12 Adobe Photoshop CC | 6 Adobe Illustrator CC | 3 Adobe After Effects CC | 12 Adobe Premiere CC | 24 Adobe Audition CC | 6 Adobe SpeedGrade CC | 3 Adobe Media Encoder CC | 3
Introduction to Filmmaking
History of Cinema
Script Writing Process
Story & Treatment & Script
Lenses & Cameras
Shot Size & Shot Angle
Camera Movements
T1koyYXc8vXXczt.vb 095448Lighting
Three-Point Lighting
High-Key & Low-Key Lighting
Recording Audio
Directing the Actors
Working With the Crew
Editing Techniques
Principles of Video Editing
Working in the Timeline
Transition & Keyframing & Filters
Color Correction & Color Grading
Working With Audio - Sound Tracks & Sound Effects
Final Project
Working With YouTube Channel


Exams within this Certification

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