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Web Master Diploma
Web Master Diploma (HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL)

HTML ( 18 hours )

Understanding & using HTML
HTML headings - Comment - Paragraphs
HTML Line Breaks & Rules - Font tags
Font styles - Hyperlinks -  Image Tag and the Src Attribute - LIST Tags
Tables : Border- Headings in a Table - Empty Cells - Declaring width & height
Cellspacing- Cellpadding -  Bgcolor - Colspan - Nesting
Forms: Text Fields - Radio Buttons - Checkboxes - Drop down menu
Complete webpage

CSS ( 16 hours )

Understanding & using CSS - CSS Syntax
classes -  IDs - Divisions - Spans - Margins - Padding - Text Properties
Font Properties
CSS links - Backgrounds - Border - Lists
Width and Height Properties
CSS Classification

JavaScript & jQuery ( 24 Hours )

What is JavaScript?
Testing your Visitor's Browser
Setting up Variables in JavaScript
Javascript Conditional Statements
JavaScript Loops - Arrays!
Javascript Events and Functions
Introduction to jQuery - jQuery Syntax 
jQuery Document Ready Handler
Basic Selectors - CAttribute Selectors 
Relational Selectors  - Category Selectors - jQuery DOM - Event Basics
Handling Events

PHP & My SQL ( 80 Hours )

Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows using WampServer
PHP Introduction- Data types
Variables and Constants - Strings Regular Expressions - Operators
Conditional statements - Looping statements - Functions - Arrays
PHP Forms - Files - PHP Cookies
PHP Sessions - Introduction to OOP
Visibility, Scope Resolution Operator, Static Keywords - Inheritance
Introduction to MVC - CMS - CodeIgniter
My SQL Database
Retrieving and Sorting
Restricting Data - MySQL Functions
Displaying Data from Multiple Table
CAggregate Functions and Aggregation Using GROUP BY Clause
Subquery - Manipulating table
Creating and Managing Table
Indexing & Engine

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