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Android Applications Development Diploma
Java SE Android Outlines Advanced Android

Java SE (30 hrs.)

Object-Oriented Programming
Identifiers, Keywords, and Types
Expressions and Flow Control
Class Design
virtual method invocation
Us access modifiers
Advanced Class Features
Create static variables, methods, and initializers
Create final classes, methods, and variables
Create and use enumerated types
Use the static import statement
Create abstract classes and methods
Create and use an interface
Exceptions and Assertions
Collections and Generics Framework
Comparable and Comparator
I/O Fundamentals
Console I/ O and File I/O
Building Java GUIs Using the Swing API
Handling GUI-Generated Events
GUI-Based Applications
Android Outlines (40 hrs.)
Android Platform Core
Project Structure
App Components
Activity Life cycle
Sending Data via Bundle
explicit Intent
implicit intent
Voice calling
Sending sms
Sharing Dialog
Open Browsers
Capture an image
Working with Gallery Image
Working with contacts
Android UI
Support Multiple devices & multiple Screen resolutions
Layout Managers
Create Responsive Design using LinearLayout
Design Using RelativeLayout
Pushing Pop Dialogs to users
Showing Confirm Dialog
Showing Date and Time Pickers
Working with Custom Dialog
Adding new External Custom UI Using Inflater Service
Creating Items using ListView
Add, Edit and Delete Items from ListView
Working with list Listeners
Creating Custom design using Custom List `
Working with Custom Selectors
Creating Actionbar  (ToolBar)
Working With Actionbar listener
Adding SearchView ActionBar
Creating Custom ActionBar
Creating Swipe Screens Using ViewPager
Using Fragment
Adding Right and Left Sliding Menu (3rd Party API)
Create App  Themes
Working With Animation
Add Custom Touch Events
Working with Single Touch
Working With Multitouch and Zooming
Data Storage
Saving Data via SharedPrefrences
Saving Files Internal Storage
Caching Files and Data
File input & File output
Saving Files and images on Device External Storage
Saving Relational Data locally using SQLite
Working with Crud Operation (Create, Read, Update and Delete)
Import external Local  SQLite Database
ORM using Active android library
Working with Parallel multi tasks using Thread
Work with asynchronous threads (Thread safe) 
Run Threads With User Interface
Networking (Communicate The Device To the Internet)
JSON Formatting
Gson Library (3rd party)
Connect to the internet via HTTPconnection/HTTPSconnection
Creating Download Dialog using AsynchTask
HTTPConnection using Post
Creating Background Service
Creating and running Background Service
Receiving Data from Services via Broadcast Receiver
Creating and Running Services on Device Booting
Communicate the Running Activity with the background service
Create schedule background Service using AlarmManager
Location API
Retrieving Device Location
Converting location coordinates to Address
Retrieving Device Location from GooglePlay Service
Showing Google map
Pointing a Custom Markers on map
Drawing Polygon, Rectangle and Circles on map
Add listeners to Map
Advanced Android (30 hrs.)
Requesting Permission and security For Marshmallow+
Check for permission
Requesting Permissions
Advanced Network
Saving and Caching Image
Retrofit API
Volley API
Advanced UI Topics
working with fragments
Creating Applications For Tablet UI
let your app work in different languages
Resource Manager
support multiple screens
support landscape and portrait
support regions and cultures
Material Design
Broadcast Receiver ( Application Listener)
Listen to Device events Calls, SMS, Battery status..etc.)
Listen to Boot Actions
Telephony API
Push Notifications
Register your app to Google Cloud Messaging
Register to specific topic
Retrieving Data from GCM
Working With Notification Builder UI
Facebook API
Log in using Facebook
Retrieving User data
Working with Permissions
Working with Graph API
Submit App for Approve
Building Backend Using FireBase
Realtime Database!
Signing & Publishing To Google Play Store
Sign your APK
Creating Google Publisher Account
Prepare your App information
Legal and not Legal
Submitting your APP
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