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Primavera P6
Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Core Level The Project Management (PM) module integrates traditional project management with resource and cost management. It is ideal for single-project users, as well as organizations that need to simultaneously manage multiple projects and support multiuser access across job sites or the entire organization. The PM module also provides centralized resource management, which will be studied thoroughly in the advanced course. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Advanced Level In this course, trainees will understand the resources and cost concepts, adding resources to activities, comparing the actual cost to the baseline cost, Leveling resources and risk managing to control the project expenses. In addition, they will learn how to use resources and cost profiles; create a tracking layout and understanding the cash flow concept.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Core Level


o Concepts of Project Management
o Objectives of Project Managing
o Creating EPS and OBS hierarchy
o What Is Project Methodology and Project Management
o Understanding WBS
o Relationships between Activities
o Defining The Critical Path of the project
o Navigating The Main Screen
o Menus and Tool Bars
o Activity Table and Gantt Chart
o Customizing The Layout
Adding New Project
o Defining currency and units
o Creating WBS
o Defining Calendars
o Creating Activities ID and Codes
o Inserting Activities.
Working in Project
o Inserting Relationships
o Scheduling The Project
o Adding Constraints, suspended and resuming dates
o Customizing activity Table
o User- defined fields
o Customizing the Gantt Chart
o Customizing Time Scale
o Filtering, Sorting and Grouping Activities
o Using Global Change
o Working in Network Logic
Tracking the Project schedule
o Creating Project Baseline(s)
o Updating The Project with actual dates and percentage of work
o Comparing Baseline schedule to the current one
o Analyzing the comparing results
Getting Reports
o Tabular Reports
o layouts Reports
Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Advanced Level
The Meaning of resources
Understanding driving recourses and how they affect the project
Resources and calendars
Creating resources and roles database
Cost Accounts
Assigning resources to activities
Using resource, cost and budget layouts
Working with resources
Cost account
Sorting, grouping and filtering resources
Using resource profile and resource table
Leveling resources
Tracking the project resources
Updating Baseline(s)
Updating the project with actual resources
Comparing baseline cost to the current
Performance Control
Planned cost
Earned cost
Actual cost
Cost and schedule variance
Project Issues and thresholds
Assign tracking layouts to issues
Using issue navigator
Monitoring thresholds
Risk Managing
Adding Risks
Calculating exposure value
Calculating Risk impact
Getting Reports
Resources reports
Cost reports
Budget reports
Custom reports
Some Advanced Features
Publishing a Project on the web
Importing and exporting data


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