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CME Preparation Training Program
Knowledge has developed - with the support of SMEI - this comprehensive marketing management training program that gets you prepared to the CME certification Exam. Upon completing this program, you will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Marketing Management from Knowledge and you will be ready to sit for SMEI’s CME Certification Exam.

Module One: Developing Marketing Strategies

Understanding Marketing Management

  • Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
  • Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans

Capturing Marketing Insights

  • Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand
  • Conducting Marketing Research

Connecting with Customers

  • Creating Long-Term Loyalty Relationships
  • Analyzing Consumer Markets
  • Analyzing Business Markets
  • Identifying Market Segments and Targets


Module Two: Developing Product and Branding Strategies

Building Strong Brands

  • Creating Brand Equity
  • Crafting the Brand Position
  • Competitive Dynamics

Shaping the Market

  • Setting Product Strategy
  • Designing and Managing Services
  • Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs


Module Three: Delivering and Communicating Value

Delivering Value

  • Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing
  • Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics

Communicating Value

  • Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations
  • Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word of Mouth, and Personal Selling

Creating Successful Long-Term Growth

  • Introducing New Market Offerings
  • Tapping into Global Markets
  • Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization
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