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Mastering Java Programming
It is a quick start to Java programming language geared for developers who have prior knowledge of Object-oriented concepts, Throughout the Package you will learn the best practices for writing object oriented Programs using Java. The Package quickly covers the Java language syntax and then moves into the object-oriented features of the language. You will learn the Java language mechanics found in other programming languages, such as variables, iterations, control statements, methods and arrays. You will also discuss object-oriented theory as it relates to Java. You will create Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for applications, emphasizing components, layouts, and graphics, also most production programs will need to interface with technologies such as threading, applets and networking. This Package explores advanced Java Standard Edition language features and packages. Multi-threaded applications will be covered in detail including concepts such as deadlocks and race conditions. Trainees will also learn how to utilize more advanced I/O capabilities with object serialization. Client/server applications will be written utilizing both the java.net and java.rmi packages. Reflection in Java and JAR files are covered. There is also an introduction to JavaBeans.

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Java Programming Core


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Java Programming Advanced


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Java Programming Applications

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