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Diploma in Networking Windows Server 2012
Data sharing among computer users becomes one of the basic functions required by most institutions and companies at the present time; and therefore, there is an urgent need to Networks, which in turn led to the emergence of the concept “Network Administration”. Thus, We are, while preparing this Diploma, very keen to graduate qualified cadres administrate computer networks that are compatible to Windows operating techniques. We have chosen a selection of homogeneous programs and techniques, besides a Graduation Project that offers you hands-on experience under supervision of trained and certified specialists.

Professional Group

Networking Basics (WS12)

Windows 7 Administration

Windows Server 2012 Administration

Windows Server 2012 Configuration


Skills Group

Network Security (ws)

Network Troubleshooting (ws)

YPDN Final Project Windows Server 2012

CV & Interview Skills (WS)

Exams within this Certification

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