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Diploma in Accounting: Office 2010
No longer using the computer by the accountant in his/her work is an optional and dispensable matter, but it has become one of the most important skills that everyone working in the field of accounting seeks to acquire and master. As computer software is multiplied; the decision-making process concerning any software more suited to your work field becomes very hard. Therefore, we are "YAT Centers for Learning Solutions" very keen to provide such specialized Diploma to whom wishing to join the field of Computed Accounting. We are not only very eager to select the most appropriate programs that are associated with the work of Accounting; but we are also very committed to teach these programs as appropriate for this area of specialty through application, practice and selecting specific topics from Accounting-related software. In addition, the Diploma Graduation Project offers you hands-on experience under supervision of trained and certified specialists

Basic Group

Windows 7 and Internet Summary (AR)


    Professional Group

Excel 2010 Core

Access 2010 Core

Peachtree Quantum 2009 Core

Accounting Auditing


 Skills Group

Macro Techniques

Accounting with Computer 2007

YPDA Final Project: Office 2010

CV & Interview Skills (AR)


Exams within this Certification

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