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Emotional Intelligence Professional Development Program
In order to be an effective and a transformational leader or a successful and inspirational employee you have to understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI).


Value of Learning and Intelligence (8 Hours)
Emotional Intelligence (EI) /Self Code and Personal Mastery (16 Hours)
Empathy, Influence and Power (8 Hours)
Professional Development and Effective Work Habits (16 Hours)
Art of Conversation (8 Hours)
Key Benefits
Upon the completion of this program you will gain: 
A solid foundation of learning, unlearning and intelligence.
A realization of the concept of Emotional Intelligence and professional development.
Self-knowledge through inner view.
Power and influence to counter-attack.
An ability to handle hard conversation when the discussion at stake.
Skills needed to resolve conflicts and manage personal differences.
Effective work habits and professional development.
Participants’ Profile
This program is designed for:
Individuals who seek development in personal, social, professional and financial aspects.
Employees who want to gain positive work habits for professional development.
Mangers who seek better understanding of human nature to maximize their potential and results.
Individuals who seek better communication with others.
Team members who need to enhance team spirit.
All individuals who are in a position of leadership.
Practical information
Location: Regional IT Institute Premises.
Duration: 48 hours
Schedule: Once a week from 10:00 to 17:00.
Registration Requirements: Registration form and 2 photos. 


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